Andrew Crawford is a designer, artist, blacksmith and builder of lots of cool metal stuff. He was born in Chatham, New Jersey in 1970 and moved with his parents and two brothers to the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia in 1971. Crawford’s youthful artistic endeavors included works in clay, drawing, music and a sculpture study with well-known portrait artist Jeanne Gerveart. He was encouraged by his parents to pursue his interests by setting up his own workshop in their home.

Crawford graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1993, where he concentrated on sculpture. Working primarily in bronze and iron, he investigated metal fabrication and mold making and created a thesis based in the transformation of everyday objects into metal. He made bronze, iron and steel representations of these objects in order to remove them from their normal environs and play with their visual and thematic associations. This theme continues to infuse his work and creative process.

Crawford’s studio, the Andrew T. Crawford Ironworks, was founded in 1993 and is built on Crawford’s creation of functional objects, ornamental ironwork and industrial fabrication. He moved to his current facility in 1997 and employs three full-time craftsmen who collaborate with him in making sculpture and functional objects of original design. More pics here.

Speaking of rockers, below is one of his creations. I mentioned edgy. This is what I meant. I love this — I can imagine the hive queen from Alien rocking her little egg sacs in this chair.